What Is the Ratio of Meatloaf Mix?

Meatloaf is often made with ground beef, but some people choose to use meatloaf mix, which is a combination of three different meats: beef, pork, and veal. You can often buy meatloaf mix at the store, but if you’d rather make your own, it’s simple to do. The ratio of meatloaf mix is usually 1:1:1, meaning that you’ll need equal parts ground beef, ground pork, and ground veal. Just figure out how much meat your recipe needs, divide by three, and use that measurement for each type of meat.

Of course, one of the perks of making your own meatloaf mix is that you don’t have to stick with the standard ratio if you don’t want to. You might find that you prefer a more beef-forward mix that’s half beef, a quarter pork, and a quarter veal. Or perhaps you’d rather use a mixture that’s mostly beef and pork with just a little bit of veal. Feel free to play around with the ratio until you get a loaf that you love!

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