Should I Use Panko or Regular Bread Crumbs for Meatloaf?

Every meatloaf recipe requires a binder, otherwise, you don’t get the same moisture retention and tenderness when you cook it. Most recipes require bread crumbs soaked in moisture as the binder to improve the quality of your meatloaf, but there are plenty of other options. In fact, many people consider using Panko instead because it is light and airy and helps the meat crisp as it cooks. Both options are commonly suggested in recipes as they are household staples, but you may be wondering: Should I use Panko or regular bread crumbs for meatloaf? Is one better than the other?

Both options are great for meatloaf depending on your preference. Panko usually comes from white bread and doesn’t include the crust. It tends to be dryer and flakier in consistency than regular bread crumbs, so they absorb less and produce a lighter-tasting meal. Regular bread crumbs can be made from any type of bread and crust and if you use a food processor, they can be processed into finer crumbs than Panko and don’t tend to be as dry so they may be a better binding option. However, depending on what you have on hand, you can soak the bread crumbs or Panko in liquid before adding it to your meatloaf for the best results.

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