Should Meatloaf Be Covered or Uncovered When Baking?

There’s a common debate among meatloaf chefs: Should meatloaf be covered or uncovered when baking? I prefer to cook my classic meatloaf uncovered, but both methods have their merits.

Covered Meatloaf

When covered with foil or a lid, meatloaf retains moisture and cooks more evenly. The trapped steam helps prevent the outer layer from drying out, resulting in tender and juicy meat throughout. This method is particularly useful if you’re making your loaf with a leaner meat that tends to dry out quickly. Additionally, covering the meatloaf can speed up the cooking process, ensuring that it cooks thoroughly without over-browning.

Uncovered Meatloaf

Leaving the meatloaf uncovered allows the top to develop a nice, crispy crust. The exposed surface caramelizes and browns, adding a visual appeal and pleasant contrast in texture as well as great flavor. Uncovering the loaf also helps excess moisture evaporate, giving the meatloaf a firmer consistency.

Which Is Better?

Covered vs. uncovered meatloaf cooking is largely a matter of preference. Try both methods and see which result you prefer!

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