Meatloaf vs. Salisbury Steak

In the culinary world, the debate over whether meatloaf and Salisbury steak are the same has long raged. Both are prepared using many of the same ingredients and even their presentation, molded ground beef smothered in a sauce, is similar.

However, before deciding for yourself in the great battle of meatloaf vs. Salisbury steak, there are some key differences you should take note of. The biggest of which is the sauce.

The sauce applied to each individual offering is probably the most discernible difference between the two. Salisbury steak most often uses a mushroom gravy whereas meatloaf tends to use a tomato-based sauce, commonly ketchup. Meatloaf can be made using a variety of sauces, including a mushroom gravy, but a tomato sauce is the most traditional approach.

Another area in which the two differ is how they’re prepared. As Salisbury steak is made in a flat, rounded shape – similar to a hamburger patty – it’s generally cooked via grill or pan fry. Meatloaf, though, is most commonly baked in the oven.

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