How Much Breadcrumbs Go in Meatloaf, and Why Do You Need Them?

The amount of breadcrumbs for meatloaf can vary depending on the size of the recipe you use and the meat you use. In a classic meatloaf recipe with 2 pounds of ground beef, you will need about ¾ cup of breadcrumbs, but if you’re making a turkey meatloaf with 1 1/2 pounds of turkey, you’ll need about a cup of breadcrumbs in your meatloaf instead to get a better consistency.

Why Put Breadcrumbs in Meatloaf?

If you asked someone a few hundred years ago why they put breadcrumbs in meatloaf, they’d likely say that they did it because it would bulk up the loaf, stretching out a meager amount of meat to feed the whole family. But these days, we use breadcrumbs because they make a great binding ingredient. Breadcrumbs for meatloaf are used to absorb the juices and keep them in the meat while it cooks so that it stays moist; without the breadcrumbs, the meat would dry out in the oven. Breadcrumbs also add to the meatloaf’s tender texture so it’s more than a giant seasoned hamburger when you pull it out of the oven.

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