What Can I Add to Meatloaf for Flavor?

Meatloaf is a classic dish loved for its hearty and savory flavors, but while the traditional recipe is undeniably delicious, there are countless ways to add depth and excitement to its flavor profile. Try these ingredients to add flavor to your next meatloaf.

  • Onions: A combination of sautéed onions, including sweet onions, shallots, and green onions, can add a delightful sweetness and texture to your meatloaf. Extra onions also infuse a rich, savory undertone that complements the meat.
  • Herbs: Fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, and parsley can bring a burst of flavor to your meatloaf. Finely chop these herbs and mix them into the meat mixture to create an elevated flavor profile.
  • Cheese: Shredded cheese, such as sharp cheddar, mozzarella, or Parmesan, not only adds a delightful gooeyness but also intensifies the overall taste of your meatloaf.
  • Bacon: Wrapping your meatloaf in strips of bacon adds a smoky touch but also keeps the meat incredibly moist.
  • Sauce: Instead of using a standard meatloaf sauce, try mixing in other condiments, like hot sauce or barbecue sauce, to create a tangy and spicy glaze that caramelizes during baking.
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Hey I'm Matt Morgan. Meatloaf was something I grew up on as a kid and was always my favorite dish. Its something that developed into a passion of mine so after years of perfecting my stable of meatloaf recipes I decided to share my passion for you to enjoy with your family!

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