Should I Use Parchment Paper in My Meatloaf Pan?

Meatloaf is a delicious and simple weeknight meal, but clean-up can be annoying due to all the baked-on residue left in your pan. The constant scrubbing and scraping of the baked-on grime has many people wondering, “Should I use parchment paper in my meatloaf pan?”

Parchment paper is a great option to line your pan the next time you cook meatloaf. It prevents the meat from sticking to the pan resulting in a meatloaf that is evenly cooked all the way through and looks ready to eat. Instead of greasing your pan with spray, butter, or olive oil which can all lead to a meatloaf that may look a little greasier, or adding aluminum foil on top to get that even heat distribution, parchment paper distributes the heat equally throughout the pan without sacrificing taste or texture.

Adding parchment paper to your pan is simple. Select a piece that is large enough to fully cover the sides and bottom of the pan and press it down onto the surface of the pan. The edges of the parchment paper should extend over the top of the pan to help maintain the shape of your meatloaf while it’s in the oven and allow for easy removal when done. It will act as a barrier between the meatloaf and the pan for even heat distribution and make cleaning up a breeze!

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