Meatloaf vs. Hamburger: What’s the Difference?

Meatloaf and hamburgers are both delicious, easy to make, and usually made with ground beef, but the similarities end there. Here’s a quick comparison of meatloaf vs. a hamburger:

  • Ingredients: Meatloaf is made of ground beef that’s seasoned and mixed with breadcrumbs and eggs to bind all of the ingredients together. Hamburgers are made of ground beef and a bit of salt and pepper: That’s it.
  • Shape: Meatloaf is baked in a loaf pan, so it comes out shaped like a loaf of bread. Hamburgers are round, flat patties cooked in a frying pan or on a grill.
  • Toppings: Meatloaf is often glazed with a ketchup-based sauce before it’s done baking. Some people also like to serve meatloaf with gravy. Hamburgers can be topped with just about anything, from a slice of cheese to a fried egg.
  • How it’s Served: Meatloaf is sliced like bread and served on its own with side dishes like mashed potatoes. Hamburgers are served on a bun, often accompanied by French fries or potato chips.
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Hey I'm Matt Morgan. Meatloaf was something I grew up on as a kid and was always my favorite dish. Its something that developed into a passion of mine so after years of perfecting my stable of meatloaf recipes I decided to share my passion for you to enjoy with your family!

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