Is Meatloaf a Southern Dish?

Meatloaf is a flavorful comfort food long enjoyed across the United States, including in the South. But is meatloaf a Southern dish? While it is sometimes associated with Southern cuisine, the truth is that its origins are actually much farther away.

Meatloaf in America can be traced back to scrapple, a dish created by German immigrants in colonial Pennsylvania. These immigrants brought the idea of making a cooked mixture of ground meat and spices from Europe, where the ancestor of meatloaf was born. Over time, these recipes evolved into what is now known as meatloaf.

In the Southern United States, meatloaf became common fare around dinner tables, and its affordability and adaptability made it a staple during tough times. But attributing meatloaf solely to Southern cuisine ignores its widespread popularity. While Southern meatloaf might have flavors associated with the region, like barbecue sauce, variations exist throughout the country and the world.

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