Meatloaf Internal Temp

It can be hard to determine if your meatloaf has finished cooking when you take it out of the oven, especially when covered in sauce. Adding a sauce topping to your meatloaf provides a nice touch of moisture but often prevents you from getting a good look at its doneness by gauging how brown it is. Even when you can see it clearly, the outside color may not always indicate whether the meatloaf has finished cooking. The best thing to do is stick a meat thermometer into the center and take a meatloaf internal temp measurement.

The internal temperature of your meatloaf will depend on what kind of ground meat you use. Based on which meat you choose, the meatloaf internal temp should be:

  • Ground Beef: 160°F
  • Ground Pork: 160°F
  • Ground Veal: 160°F
  • Ground Lamb: 160°F
  • Ground Chicken: 165°F
  • Ground Turkey: 165°F

For the best results, pull your meatloaf from the oven about 10°F lower than the target temperature and let it rest while loosely covered in foil for 10 to 15 minutes before serving. Letting it rest allows the temperature to stabilize and the juices to redistribute evenly. While it does this, the temperature will usually rise about 10°F. Always check the meatloaf’s internal temperature after letting it rest to ensure it has increased to a safe temperature before you slice it and serve it.

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